By-passing MS Outlook's Annoying Security Screen

If you have ever tried to send email from our software (or another software product) through Microsoft Outlook, you will have encountered its annoying security nag screen which notifies you that another software product is trying to send an email (or read email in your Inbox in the case of our Transfer Facility) and waits for you to "Allow" it.  In some ways it is a good thing - if you didn't ever want to access Outlook regularly through another legitimate program.  But it becomes a real pain, if you do in fact want to regularly use a non-Microsoft product to send (and read) email - especially with an unattended process such as our AutoTransfer program.  Microsoft provide themselves with a back-door for their own products - e.g. you don't get the nag screen when sending out mail-merged email from MS Word.  But they don't provide any configuration facility for you to tell Outlook that the particular application is OK and not to bother you again if that program tries to send email in future.  (Note:   It first seemed that Outlook 2007 installs with this facility turned off by default.  However, it seems that Microsoft may have since released a security update that turns this on - and there do not seem to be any Outlook configuration settings that let you turn it off again.) 

Adminsoft has purchased a redistributable licence of Redemption, which is a clever third-party product that bypasses Microsoft Outlook's infuriating security nag screen.    We have then adapted Redemption by renaming both the DLL itself and the classes inside it, to minimise the chance of any rogue application exploiting Redemption's presence to send SPAM from your system.   (Note:   This already was a pretty small chance, because the rogue application would have to somehow know about Redemption ? which is not a well-known or widely used product.)

We ask that users of this facility make a small contribution of $NZ50 + GST to help offset the cost of both the Redemption licence itself and the work required to embed it into our software.   (Note:  There is another third-party product called "ClickYes Pro", which costs $US40 for the first workstation and $US36 for each additional workstation.   They also offer a free entry-level product called "ClickYes Express", but it is less secure and has some restrictions which would become pretty annoying after a while.)

Click on the following hyperlink to download the installation file from our website - save it into an appropriate "Downloads" folder and open it from there:

To install the Outlook Security Bypass software:

  1. Open the downloaded file "" using Windows Explorer's ZIP facility (or some other Zip utility)
  2. Extract its contents into the "\Adminsoft" programs folder (on your server). 
  3. Use Windows Explorer to find and run (by double clicking on it) the file "RegisterGEP.bat" (which you have just extracted into the ?\Adminsoft? folder).

To install any other computers that also will use this facility, you obviously only need to do Step 3 on them.  Alternatively, you can extract all the contents of "" into an appropriately named folder on the respective local computer (e.g. ?c:\Program Files?\Adminsoft), and run "RegisterGEP.bat" from there.

If you ever need to uninstall this software:

  1. Open the Windows "Command Prompt" (see Start menu > All Programs > Accessories)
  2. Type the following command line:  regsvr32.exe /u <fullpath>\GEPigeon.dll  (Where "<fullpath" is the full path of the Adminsoft folder (e.g. "F:\Adminsoft") where GEPigeon.dll resides.)


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