Problems with Print Preview

There are two known potential problems with Print Preview, both of which are caused when a low level system file is not registered correctly, or the entry into the Windows Registry is lost or corrupted for some reason.

We have provided some tools to help overcome these sort of problems.  If you have not already done so, please read and follow through the the instructions in our page on "Low-Level Installation Problems":

Click here for the page on Low-Level Problems (same window)
Click here for the page on Low-Level Problems (new window)

If you have already done this, and are still having problems, then the following information and instructions should help you (or your technical support contractor) work through these further:


"FoxPrint" Font Not Registered

The report may seem to run correctly, but you get hieroglyphics when it is displayed on the screen.  (The report will print perfectly to a printer, it just doesn't display correctly in Print Preview.)  Our installation program attempts to register this font automatically for you.  But we have found that in some cases (usually Windows XP or Windows 2000), this setting is lost for some reason when you re-start your computer.  You will need to register the font manually, which somehow (another mystery of Windows) causes the setting to be retained on subsequent re-starts.

From the workstation with the problem, do the following:

  • Open "Windows Explorer" (right-click on your "Start" button, and chose "Explore" from the pop-up menu).

  •  Navigate to the "c:\Windows" folder (or "c:\WinNT"), then the "Fonts" sub-folder, 

  • Find the "FoxPrint" font and double click on it.  

  • A window should pop up with some font details etc, click on the "Done" button.

Try running a report again to Preview, and see if this has done the trick.

OLE Problems

When running a report to Print Preview (and sometimes to a printer too), you may get an Adminsoft systems error complaining something like "Unknown member OLEPrintPreview", or a Windows systems error associated with an "OLE Error".  This will most likely be because a class or library (OCX or DLL) file is too old and our install program's attempt to update it failed.  Alternatively, it may be that you do have an up-to-date version, but it is not registered in the Windows system Registry for some reason.  

Unfortunately, you have to get quite technical to fix this problem.  So please contact our help desk if you are still having OLE problems when trying to preview reports to screen.

If you need further assistance or have feedback you would like to give us, please contact our Help-Desk:

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