About Us and Our Users

Our Own Background

Administration Software Ltd is a software consulting and development company, based in Manukau - Auckland, New Zealand.

Its main purposes are to provide consulting services in various aspects of software development and implementation, and to write software applications and data driven websites.

In the past we sold and supported packaged administration and accounts software that we had written for small to medium sized commercial and other organisations.  We also wrote stand-alone custom desktop based applications, and customised add-ons to our standard software packages.

We formed this company in 2000, to provide and support international sales of software written by GECL (our sister company).  The New Zealand based operation (GECL) was brought across into Adminsoft in April 2005.

Ancient history:   GECL was founded in Wellington in late 1985, and relocated to Auckland in 1987.  Its primary focus in the early years was contract software development.  In 1989, it shifted its emphasis to the development of DOS based standard software packages.  Work commenced on the first of these modules ("Client Admin") in early 1990.  The first "Time & Cost" was sold in late 1990 for chartered accountants.  A "Jobs" based variant was released in 1994, that was suitable for consulting professionals who needed administration of jobs rather than being purely "client based".  The first Windows version was released in 1998.  

We are pretty good at what we do, and very warm and friendly to deal with.   Both we and our clients enjoy the pleasant long term "win-win" relationships we have developed and maintained through the years.

Our Clients

When you write software for clients, you grow to understand the administrative / computing needs of their business reasonably well.  Over the last thirty years we have accumulated considerable experience with a range of professions and industries:

  • Professions:  Consulting engineers, land surveyors, town planners, business consultants, barristers, landscape architects, quantity surveyors, and others.
  • Industries:  Manufacturing, fabrication, plant propagation, printing, inventory and warehousing.

We have a number of clients in some of these professions and industries, who still run our legacy software - which was written in Microsoft Visual FoxPro.

Contact Details

      New Zealand:   (09) 262 2020
      International:   +64 9 262 2020

      E-Mail now to:   Sales@Adminsoft.com       or       Support@Adminsoft.com

      Administration Software Ltd.
            PO Box 76-239, Manukau City, Auckland 2241, New Zealand
            15 Sikkim Cres, Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand