Address Book (Client Administration)

The Address Book module provides all the necessities for good client (and prospective client) administration, including very efficient access to all relevant information for a client that you may be speaking with on the telephone.  It has a database of street and postal addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, etc., and associated contact personnel.  It has very efficient and powerful "drill-down" facilities to respective contact personnel, jobs, timesheets, invoices, contact and task notes, debtor balances and payment history, and to correspondence, site photos, drawings, etc. that are stored in the relevant client / job filing folders for the client you are viewing.  (If you are running the Sales Admin module, you can also drill-down to Quotes, Orders, and product histories.)  With only two mouse clicks, you can open Google Street Map in your browser for the street address of the client you are viewing (and can open "Street View"  within that if you need to plan a site visit).

You can send standard or ad hoc e-mail from within the software (including broadcasts to a number of selected clients), and place details on the Windows clipboard for pasting into a letter in your word processor. It generates word processor mail-merge files (including merge-to-email), and can print bulk-mailing labels.

Its "user-defined fields" are very useful for storing additional long-term information on your clients, especially items that you will use for searching and selecting. There are analysis reports on these user-defined fields, and they can also be used for selection / filtering purposes in various reports in other modules such as Time & Cost, Debtors, and WorkFlow.

When you are entering the details for a new client (or potential client), the software will automatically fill in the post code for any addresses in New Zealand and Australia.  If you have turned the geo-coding facility on, it will automatically validate street addresses for you (anywhere in the world), and return the GPS coordinates (and post code) for them.

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