B2B Sales Administration Software

Contact Management Software

We currently offer a tidy contact management package, that works very well.  Importantly, this integrates nicely with sales administration tasks (quotations, order entry, invoicing), and with the accounts modules - if these are present.  Our contact management solution has a comprehensive "Address Book" module (for customer and prospect details, customer lists, mail-merge, email/ezines, etc.), and a powerful contact notes module (which we call "WorkFlow").

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Windows Sales Administration Software

Our Sales Administration module is fully integrated with our Contact Management modules.  It lets you produce Quotations, record Customer Orders, and generates Invoices from either of these, or create Invoices from scratch (or copied from another Invoice).  Quotations and Invoices are printed in proportional fonts and have an appealing layout - and considerable flexibility as to what is actually displayed.  You can view and create Quotes, Orders, and Invoices both within the SalesAdm module itself, and in a "drill-down" window from a client's (or prospective client's) address details in the Address Book.  The sales module has good Sales Analysis and other management reporting.  Invoices flow through into the Accounts Receivable (Debtors) module.

Our Sales Admin suite is designed primarily for use in a B2B rather than retail environment.  However barcodes are supported, and you can use a barcode reader to add lines to invoices.

Because we can provide customised software development services and have designed our software to be easily extended, the standard product is very suitable for use as a starting point that is then enhanced in specific places to meet specialised and unique requirements.  For instance, we have done this at some of our existing sites to support very specialised price calculation logic, to generate Word documents that are in effect standardised proposals, and to integrate with other software applications.