Document Management and Administration

This module is a productivity tool that improves your efficiency in the handling of everyday tasks associated with your Job filing folders, generating new documents, and accessing existing ones.  Some of it's key features are:

  • It can be configured to work with your existing filing folders - without usurping control of these.  You can therefore still access these folders through other software packages, and even Windows Explorer.  (This has the advantage that you are not locked into some proprietary filing system, that is difficult extract yourself from further down the track.)
  • It lets you rapidly access the relevant job filing folders for any job (or client), and open digital photos, word documents, drawings, TIF and PDF files, 12D projects, and any file type that Windows knows how to open - even any email you have saved in a relevant job folder.
  • You can set up standard templates of letters or other documents to clients, councils / authorities, sub-contractors (if you manage contracts, land developments, or construction projects), etc., that you regularly send out on job commencement and at various milestones of your jobs/projects.  You can then use these templates to automatically generate correspondence (with text merged in from the relevant Job and Client records), saved for you as a Word document in the appropriate job filing folder, and presented on-screen for any minor tweaks before printing / emailing.
  • It also has a nice facility to help you efficiently file scanned inwards correspondence and other paper documents into their appropriate job filing folders.  (While this does have considerable cross-over with a more heavy-weight package like Ferret, the two software packages can usually complement each other quite nicely.)
  • It is fully integrated with the WorkFlow module:
    •  You can raise one or more notes for an individual document, and associate one or more documents (CAD drawings, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, digital photos, etc.) to a particular note. 
    • From your To-Do List, you can easily view any documents associated with a given note.