Integration with QuickMap

Our software integrates quite nicely with QuickMap - a popular mapping program that is used land surveyors and other consulting professionals in NZ.  It can:

  • Build a special "Adminsoft" layer within QuickMap, which allows you to view the location of all your past jobs (and easily identify past jobs that you have done in close proximity to a new job that you have just taken on - which may help you do the new job more efficiently / profitably).
  • When viewing a job on-screen in our software, you can (with a simple click of your mouse) launch QuickMap automatically positioned on that job's land parcel in the map that it presents.
  • Populate the NZMG fields in our software with the coordinates that it automatically obtains from QuickMap for a job's land parcel

When you create a new Job / Project, you typically enter the site's street address as part of the Job name (usually turned inside-out so that jobs for the same towns, suburbs, and streets are grouped together when sorted alphabetically by job name).  Our geo-coding facility is able to extract the street address from the job name, geo-code it using the Google Maps web service, and populate the site address fields and GPS coordinates.  Our software then uses the GPS coordinates to obtain the relevant land parcel information from the LINZ web service.

Once the parcel information has been obtained from LINZ, our software will then talk behind the scenes with QuickMap, and obtain its NZMG coordinates for that Parcel ID.  Our software then uses that NZMG information to add an entry for the new Job into the "Adminsoft" layer for QuickMap.

Note:  In earlier years (before LINZ made their Web Data Services available), our software used to obtain Parcel information from QuickMap via the Windows Clipboard. You can still obtain data from QuickMap in this way as previously, but this should no longer be necessary now that the same information (and more) is obtained automatically from LINZ Data Services.