Job Scheduling Module

This allows managers to quickly produce Quotations (or Estimates) for prospective new work, turn them into job schedules when you receive the go-ahead, and manage bigger jobs/projects in greater detail.  It tracks timesheets back to their respective schedule lines, and Job managers are able to sign-off lines as being completed (preventing further timesheet entry to them).

It integrates with the WorkFlow module, generating To-Do List notes for separate lines / tasks.  It also integrates with the Document Admin module, and can generate standard text-merge email, letters, or reports from templates when milestones are achieved.

Key Features

  • Easily create a new quotation / schedule starting from a template or similar project - or completely from scratch
  • Tweak the estimates for various items to meet the nuances of the new job
  • Produce a formal Quotation (or Estimate) for the prospective new client
  • Quickly convert successful quotations into a schedule for the new project
  • Assign tasks to respective staff (and easily re-assign them if necessary)
  • Staff can then:
    • View respective tasks in their WorkFlow To-Do List
    • Code their timesheets to respective lines in the Job Schedule
  • Managers can monitor progress, and fees / costs to date (for each line and for the job as a whole)
  • Easily revise various tasks if the specifications change
  • Re-schedule tasks to meet your priorities and commitments with other jobs