Software Lease / Rental Arrangements

We offer lease / rental arrangements for our software, for those who prefer this instead of purchasing it.  Leasing has the obvious advantages of lower commitment (especially in the first year or so while you get to know us), and a smoother cash-flow.  (Within New Zealand there is the additional advantage that all rental payments can be expensed in the year that they occur, whereas software purchases must be capitalized.)

General Principles of Leased (or Rented) Software

  • Leased software will be kept up-to-date. (There will be one major upgrade approximately every 12 months.)
  • Pricing includes a small retainer, for the availability of the Help-Desk.
  • Installation, Training, Consulting, and User Support are all additional charges (at our normal support charge rates).  Costs such as Toll Charges for User Support, Travel (including kilometres and travel time), etc. are also normally passed on to the user.
  • Several arrangements are available, that cover up to a certain number of hours of User Support per month.
  • Alternatively, our normal Pre-paid User Support Contracts are available (payment in advance for support).
  • Customised software development is also available, if required (for things like special reports, links to other software, etc.).

In practice, users who elect to lease our software will download it just the same as those who purchase it.  We will send you Activation Keys that expire at the end of the lease period.  When you renew the lease (by paying for the next period), we will send you a new set of Activation Keys that cover the next period.