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7-Zip is an excellent "Open Source" data compression tool.  If present on your computer (installed into its default install directory), our backup routine will offer to use it to generate ZIP backup files.   It is used by our Transfer Facility, and must be installed for our 2011 version so that it can run its automatic software updates. In our view, 7-Zip is a brilliant product (which is why we have adopted it for our backups and software updates).  One minor anomaly we have discovered in 7-Zip, is that its "Update" function changes the file date even when no files are updated.  This is not a big deal, but if you use 7-Zip to make additional backups of other information stored on your server (e.g. your job filing folders or company planning/admin folders), and then use RoboCopy or XCOPY to back these up to another location if (and only if) they have changed, then you may wish to adopt a nifty little tool that was written by Steffen Wagner, which resets the 7z file date back to that of the most recent file it contains.  You can download it from here.
PDFCreator PDFCreator is an Open Source (i.e. free) tool for generating PDF files of any printed output.
It installs as a "printer driver".  So you merely print to it from our software, MS Word, Excel, or whatever.
SyncToy SyncToy is a free tool from Microsoft (albeit unsupported) that is useful for synchronising mirror folders on a notebook with their masters on your server, and even between a branch and head office.  It has good functionality - e.g. can rename and delete files too.  (Latest version is 2.1 - produced in November 2009.)
CamStudio CamStudio - Free Streaming Video Desktop Recording Software
Great for recording in-house training notes (or SOPs) for our software (and other software packages you use).