Prices for Adminsoft Professional Practice Software

Adminsoft Professional Practice software is suitable for Windows 10 environments (and Windows 8 and 7).  Licences are issued on the basis of the number of workstations on which the software is installed/run (in Local Area Network or Terminal Services / Citrix environments).  With the Time & Cost module, the number of personnel being administered (i.e. entering timesheets) also affects the price.

Copies of the software (and data) may be installed on notebook computers and used away from the office.  In such cases, a notebook simply counts once as a workstation - even though it may be installed to run the software both stand-alone and accessing the data directly on the office network (and could do this simultaneously).  The Transfer Facility is required if you want to change details or enter new data remotely, and synchronize this with the main network data.

Corporate versions of the software, that handle multiple offices, divisions and departments, are also available.   For firms with branch offices, the software can be run as a bureau (using Terminal Services or Citrix at the head office say), or run independently at separate branch sites.  In the latter case, the biggest office would have a "Full Licence" and other branches would purchase only a "Half Licence" (i.e. 50% discount off the normal price for their number of staff and users).  Alternatively, can combine the staff numbers and installed users from all offices into a single licence, if this is to your advantage.   Our Transfer Facility enables monitoring by head office and consolidated reporting, and supports situations where specialist expertise at one office provides assistance to other branches.  The half-licence principle is also applicable for a group of companies (e.g. a consulting engineer company and a surveying / town planning sister company).

Please note the following:
  • All prices are calculated for the specified country and currency.  Sterling & Euro are identical to (i.e. based on) USA pricing.  For "Other" countries not specified in the list, you can specify the exchange rate from US dollars to your own local currency.  (However, firms in "Other" countries should contact our sales team, as we have special pricing for some parts of the "third world".)
  • New Zealand customers:  please note that all prices do not include GST.  You will need to pay normal GST on all transactions with Adminsoft.
  • For Australia, USA, UK, Europe, and all other countries, you will be invoiced as an "export sale from New Zealand", which means that it is exempt of NZ GST, and your own local GST, VAT, or sales tax is also not applicable.
  • With Leased/Rented software you are always entitled to receive software updates.  So you do not need a separate Annual Update Contract.  However, you will need a separate "User Support Contract".
  • Annual Update Contracts entitle you to upgrade your "permanent licence" to new versions of the software as they are released.  The contracts cost 12.5% (approx.) of the respective Licence purchase price, per year, and cover the ensuing 12 month period.  They commence at installation, and are renewed on each anniversary subsequently.  If Annual Updates are allowed to lapse, they must be brought up-to-date (i.e. also pay any missed years) before you are entitled to download and use new versions.
  • User Support for installation, training, and consulting is available on a "time and materials basis (at $180 per hour).  Travel costs for site visits, and other costs such as toll charges associated with User Support, are also normally passed on to the user.  After initial installation, configuration, and training has been completed, support can be covered by Pre-paid User Support Contracts which effectively give a significant discount. 
  • Various sized User Support Contracts are available.  They effectively let you purchased support in advance.  We then deduct support from "your account" as it is provided.  The larger contracts give increasing concessions on support charges.
  • Customised software development is also available, if required (for things like special reports or functionality, links to other software, etc.).

Software Lease/Rental Arrangements

We offer lease/rental arrangements for our software, for those who prefer this instead of purchasing it.  Leasing has the obvious advantages of lower commitment / risk (especially in the first year or so while you get to know us), and a smoother cash-flow.  In some countries (such as NZ) where software purchases must be capitalized, there is the additional tax advantage that rental payments can be expensed in the year that they occur.)

(Click here for more info on Software Lease/Rental Arrangements)

Price Calculation Form

The following form allows you to specify desired software licences for purchase or lease/rent, with their associated update and support contracts, and see their respective prices and calculated total price.  It requires Java Script to be enabled on your web-browser.  You will probably find it best if viewed as a large window or "full screen", or in a smaller "text size" (see the "View" menu in your browser).
At any stage, you can print this page, to give a hard copy of the results you create using this form.  You can also save this web page to your local hard disk, and use it off-line.

All prices are shown in US dollars.  There is a facility at the bottom of the form to convert the total to another currency of your preference.
Important Note:  If you are running Internet Explorer and it automatically restricts active content, you will need to "Allow blocked content" so that the Java scripts behind the form can run.  (These scripts calculate and display the respective prices and totals.)  Do this by clicking on the "Information Bar" in your browser, and selecting "Allow blocked content" from the pop-up menu that  is presented to you.  We categorically assure you that these scripts merely support this web-page, and will not "harm your computer".

Preferred Currency

Conversion to a currency you are more familiar with.   (You can fine tune the Exchange Rate)

Country in which you are based:  

Approximate Exchange Rate:
$1.00 local buys US$

Note:  Exchange rates are approximations only.  There may be a variation from the value shown, due to differences in the actual exchange rate at the time of payment.   (Even if your own credit card is in US dollar values, there will be a very minor variation (usually in your favour), because the amount will actually be raised by us in equivalent New Zealand dollars and converted to your own local currency by your own bank.)

Purchases and leasing by companies based within New Zealand are subject to GST.   All prices shown below are GST exclusive.

Software Licences

Licence Level:         Full Version       Basic (Entry Level) Version           Explain    
Software Licences Number of Computers/font> Price (Local $)

Time and Billing Modules

      Time & Cost Combo:  Address Book, Job Management, Time and Cost (with Billing)
      Number of people filling out timesheets:  
      (Add any part-time staff together and use the nearest full-time equivalent
        e.g. 2 staff doing 20 hours per week equate to one full-time person.)

Base Licence: 

Extra Users:    
      Address Book Module  (Client and contact management)
      Job Management Module (Projects, Matters)
      Debtors Module (Accounts Receivable)
      Auto-Bank for Debtors only (Import bank statements and Debtor receipts)

Productivity Modules

      WorkFlow Module (Notes, To-Do Lists, Scheduling)
      Document Management Module (Access your Job filing folders, Textmerge, etc.)
      Job Scheduling Module (Planning, Quoting, Job Management)
      Managers Dashboard (Various graphs:  New Job starts, Invoices, Debtors, P&L, Cash-Flow)

Other Accounts Modules

      Auto-Bank (full) (Import bank statements, raise Debtor & GL transactions, Bank Recon.)
      General Ledger (Normal) (with Bank Reconciliation)
      General Ledger (Extended) - Supports multiple offices / divisions
      Creditors Module (Accounts Payable)

Branch Offices and Remote Computers:

     Transfer Facility - Main  (Main computer / Office)
     Transfer Facility - Remote  (Notebooks or Branch Offices)


Leasing / Renting instead of Purchasing

 Period of initial / renewed lease (in months):  

Note:  The Lease Fee includes relatively small administration fees, which have both annual and transaction components.  (Obviously, longer payment periods will accumulate lower transaction components over time.)  As per most lease arrangements, you would be expected to set up a regular Automatic Payment (AP) to cover lease payments.  This would be adjusted whenever you changed your software licence (to cover increased usage or additional modules).

Updates and Support

Update and support contracts are not compulsory, but it is highly recommended that you sign up for them from the outset (by paying in advance).   (Click here to view our policies for support.)

Updates and Support Choices Price (Local $)
Annual Update Contract & Warranty  (Paid in advance for ensuing 12 months)
(For purchased only - already included in Lease fees)
No Pre-paid Support Contract (or not being renewed in this transaction)
Diamond Support Contract:  $750 for $925 of support (Approx 5.2 Hours - 23% bonus)
Gold Support Contract:  $500 for $600 of support (Approx 3.3 Hours - 20% bonus)
Basic Support Contract:  $250 for $290 of support (Approx 1.6 Hours - 16% bonus)

Grand Total (Local $):