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You have probably already been talking with us by telephone, and exchanged a few email with us along the way.  Please contact us again by telephone or email to communicate your intention to proceed with our software, and to formulate the best method for payment.
Note:  Customers in Australia and New Zealand can pay us by normal Direct Credit (or cheque within NZ).  Customers in other countries can pay us using PayPal, or credit card details can be sent to us fairly safely by fax.

E-Mail now to:   Sales@Adminsoft.com

Phone: +64-9-262-2020 Ext 1    (Aussie Toll-free:  1800 030 837  Ext 1)
Fax:     +64-9-262-2021

Administration Software Ltd.
PO Box 76-239, Manukau City, Auckland 2241, New Zealand