Additional Services

Over the years we have accumulated considerable experience and skills in our field. We are able (and very willing) to provide additional services as follows:

International (Outside of New Zealand)

  • Small customized extensions to existing software, such as special reports
  • Larger customized projects that are based on some of our existing software modules

Within New Zealand Only

    Standard Software Packages

  • Installation of Adminsoft Software Products
  • Training associated with Adminsoft Software Products
  • Small customised extensions (e.g. special reports)

    Customised Software Development

  • Analysis and specification of requirements
  • Development of customised software
  • Installation and training of customised software
  • Ongoing support and enhancement to existing customised software

(Click here for more information on Customised Software Development)

    General (Only in association with software sales or development)

  • Consultancy
  • Procurement of computers, printers and other software
  • Network installation and management