Contract Software Development

We are New Zealand based software developers.  We have substantial experience and expertise in Microsoft Visual FoxPro (VFP) and earlier versions of FoxPro (e.g. 2.6 for DOS).  We also have capabilities in Visual Basic, Delphi, HTML, Java Script, and developing database driven Web-sites.

Contract software development was our primary business activity in the earlier years of the company's history.  Over the last decade we have devoted considerable effort to development and support of our own standard software packages.  However we have also continued to be involved in customised development.  We still support several of our original clients, and have taken on a number of new contract clients who have needed either completely new software written, or someone to maintain and support their legacy system (that had been originally developed by someone else).

In earlier years we tended to write complete systems from scratch.  More recently our customised development has become very cost effective for our clients, because we can usually start with one of our standard software modules (if there is a close fit) and add customised code to suit the specialized requirements.  Over the years we have accumulated an extensive library of re-useable software components, which increases the cost-effectiveness of customised work that we do (which can often make use of this library).

We are pretty good at what we do, and very warm and friendly to deal with.   Both we and our clients enjoy the pleasant long term "win-win" relationships we have developed and maintained together through the years.

To enquire about customised development, E-Mail now to: