Time and Billing Software for Professionals

If you have arrived here, directly from a search engine:  Welcome.  We write quality "mid-range" practice management software for firms that provide professional services.  By utilising the Internet to give greater efficiencies in our sales and support processes,  we are able make this software available at very reasonable prices.

Time and Billing Software with Management Reporting

Our Time and Billing software is very comprehensive.  Its flexibility, even with terminology, makes it extremely suitable for a wide range of professions and consulting services (including barristers, solicitors, other lawyers and legal practices, consulting engineers and other professional engineers, surveyors, architects, valuers, business consultants, marketing consultants, computer consultants, and software developers).  It handles everyday tasks very smoothly, saving considerable time in tracking "work in progress" (i.e. work and expenses that is yet to be billed), producing invoices, and tracking total work and expenses to date and profitability for respective jobs.

At the end of each month (or any other times you choose, such as completion of a job), you can generate invoices for selected clients or jobs.  The software will automatically pick up time and costs from "work in progress" (i.e. from timesheets - both time for respective staff and any chargeable equipment, and expenses such as disbursements and materials), and produce draft invoices in the layout of your choice (which includes Percentage Progress Claims, and several popular "Fixed Price" and "Time & Materials" layouts).  When editing invoices, you have complete flexibility to change the text, write-off and write-up items, or to return amounts to "Work in Progress" for invoicing next month, say.  You can insert and delete lines, and add comments or section headings.  You can also control whether dollar amounts are shown on each line, as section totals, or just as one single grand total.

You can use summary reports from staff timesheets as source data for a payroll system, if you have one. There are a number of invaluable management reports, that will help with your cost tracking and job costing.  Because the software records both the fees to be on-charged, and the real costs to you, these also let you monitor the profitability of both larger projects and the general operation of your company (as a whole or broken down by principal, manager, or staff member).  It integrates with the "Job Scheduling" module, which supports more detailed budgets and more comprehensive variance analysis reporting for respective jobs/projects.

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Integration with Accounts Modules

Our Time and Billing software is part of a wider suite of programs.  The invoices it raises will be picked up automatically by our Debtors module (Accounts Receivable).  If you need it, the Creditors module (Accounts Payable) integrates well with the Time and Billing module.  Invoices from suppliers and sub-contractors would be entered in the Creditors module (being coded to the respective Project/Job and Activity), and amounts passed on automatically to the Time and Billing module for subsequent invoicing and tracking of costs by job/project.

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It is usually sensible to purchase the Debtors module together with the Time and Billing software, because of its smooth integration with the invoices that are produced by the Time and Billing module, and consequent efficiencies for your debtors' administration.