Help on Various Modules

F1 Help

Throughout the software you can press the <F1> key to get context sensitive help about the part of the software that you are currently working in.   The F1 help has the same contents as the printed manual - but tends to be more up-to-date.  (The printed manual is an optional extra - and, because it does go out-of-date and is not as useful as F1 help for quick context sensitive assistance, many sites do not bother to purchase it and pay the associated freight charges to have it physically shipped to them.)

Additional Help and Resources on this Website

In addition to the F1 Help and printed manual, we have provided some extra information, assistance, and resources for various modules and issues.   Click on the hyperlinks below to access these:

Time & Cost

Accounts General

Debtors (Accounts Receivable)

General Ledger