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This page allows you to look back over the changes we have done in recent months, to see if there are any new features which you could (or should) be using, to help your operation run better.

Recent updates:

Due to the Windows 10 issue that became apparent last year, we have had to do a massive amount of re-engineering of our software, down at the level where it interacts with the Windows operating system.  Because this could potentially have high impact, we have only rolled the new 2017 version of our software out to users who needed it (either because they wanted the new features it contains, or because they are running Windows 10 on some of their computers.)  We have left the majority of our users running the 2016 version of our software.  (Our test sites were also able to use it, on the odd occasions that we broke something in the test version.)  The new 'Beta' test version is now working very well, and we are very close to being ready to roll it out to everyone.

Normal Stream Beta Stream

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Downloading the latest version of the software:

The initial install of our software needs to be done by one of our support staff in a remote support session.  For both your sake ours we want to ensure that completely new installs are done correctly.

After that our software will automatically check for updates once per day (when the first person with "Administrator" or "Software Updates" security privileges signs into the software, and will offer to install these if any are found.  (After that, it won't check again for the rest of the day.)   In reality we try to release a new version only once per month (usually somewhere in the quieter period between 15th and 25th).  It is possible to set up Windows Scheduler to automatically check for and install updates overnight (at 5am say).

At any stage, a user with "Software Updates" or full "Administrator" security privileges is able to "Check for Software Updates" from the "Help" menu (and "Tools > Administrator > Software Updates" menu for administrators).   The "hot updates" facility in our software allows this to be done while other users are still using the software.  (All users will understandably need to exit out and come back in, in order to run the new version after it has been installed.)

Very occasionally a software update may require minor changes to the structure of one or more data tables.  If this is the case, the new version will pause at any point where it needs exclusive access to the data tables, and requests that you to ask all other users to exit out of the software until the updates have been completed.

Contents of August 2016 Release (on 19 Aug 16)

Utilities Library (v8.78 - 8 Aug 16):

  • Several improvements to avoid error messages when closing due to 'inactivity timeout'
  • A number of small tweaks and improvements

Jobs Module (v5.12 - 26 July 16):

  • Rebuild to incorporate several small changes in the Utilities Library

Time & Cost (v9.16 - 19 Aug 16):

  • Improvements to pop-up Disbursement data-entry window
  • Printing Invoices: Fix recent bug when disbursement lines were covered by a standard invoice paragraph
  • Several small tweaks and improvements

Debtors Module (v8.62 - 10 Aug 16):

  • Improve calculation of Opening Balance line in Balance Forward statements for Open-Item Debtors (some permutations were not correct)
  • Improve Month Aging statuses displayed for Balance Forward transactions
  • Convert Balance Forward debtor into Open Item: Major re-write to utilise newer 'Open Item' program logic
  • Automatic allocation of all transactions for a Debtor: Improvements to logic (and don't allocate any that identified as having an integrity issue)A
  • After allocating transactions, refresh the Debtor Balances and slaved Transaction list windows immediately instead of waiting until you click into them
  • Several other small improvements

Job Scheduling Module (v1.58 - 29 Jun 16):

  • Significant improvements to detailed Lines data entry
  • Other minor tweaks

Windows General Ledger (v2.08 - 7 July 16):

  • New Bank Reconciliation Transaction List report
  • Several other small improvements

Creditors Module (v5.60 - 11 Aug 16):

  • Improvement to integrity check of 'Links to the Address Book'

Transfer Facility (v2.16 - 19 July 16):

  • Fix false error message that 'No Relevant Export History to Check from the Other Office. Something is wrong with the History file sent from them'
  • Several other improvements

Sales Admin Module (v2.20 - 11 Aug 16):

  • Creating a new Quote/Order/Invoice from another existing document: Improvements to the internal logic
  • Editing a Quote/Order/Invoice: various tweaks to program logic behind it
  • Flush buffers to server / local hard disk immediately when add new records to live tables or edit existing ones
  • Report of Draft Invoices: Sort by date, and show monthly and grand totals
  • Editing Products: Add extra columns to slaved Quote, Order, and Invoice usage lists
  • Avoid issues in several places if computer left unattended with windows still open, and inactivity time-out fires
  • Various other minor improvements

Inventory (v1.53  11 Jun 16):

  • Minor Changes

No Changes:

Main Menu, WorkFlow, Doc Admin, AutoBank, Dashboard, & Post Codes



Contents of June 2016 Release (on 21 Jun 16)

Main Menu and Utilities Library (v9.56 & v8.77):

  • Close reports, invoices, etc. that held things open when software attempted to close due to inactivity
  • Improvements to the hooks throughout the software that facilitate customised program logic
  • Several improvements to the Geo-Coding facility
  • When searching for a client name that matches what is typed, it now also looks in the 'Trade Name'
  • Support for report previews being saved as a text file
  • Automated software updates:
    • Offer to update 7-Zip if it is very old, so it doesn't cause problems
    • Attempt to download a module again if local computer has previously cached an out-of-date version.
  • A number of other minor changes

Jobs Module (v5.15):

  • Integration with QuickMap: Support for QuickMap being installed on local Drive C for some users, and a network drive for others.

Time & Cost (v9.20):

  • Fix bug if editing two invoices simultaneously and transfering charges between them as Write-Ups/Offs
  • Some improvements to parts of the engine behind editing invoices
  • Timesheet entry: Security enhancements to the popup window for entering disbursements
  • Re-organise the 'Timesheets Other' menu
  • New integrity check for timesheets with zero or silly 'actual costs', and offer to fix these
  • Several other minor improvements

Debtors Module (v8.66):

  • Rebuild Balances facility:
    • Rebuild 'Opening Balance' at start of month for Open Item debtors also, in case 'Balance Forward' statement produced for them
    • If fixed one or more 'Opening Balances', display this as an extra column in the report of exceptions
  • Daily Banking Summary Report: If it spans more than one financial year, group and subtotal by Financial Year
  • Outstanding Transaction Report: Significant enhancement allowing it to be run as at a specified date, or to identify invoices from earlier financial years or periods that are still outstanding at a later date.
  • Improve the support for special customised logic that identifies the GL Account Code for various invoices
  • Several other minor improvements

Windows General Ledger (v2.09):

  • Several further improvements to Bank Reconciliation
  • GST Audit Report: Include GST Exempt Revenue transactions, so easier to reconcile with the 'Invoice Basis GST Report'
  • Bank Reconciliation Reports: accomodate larger overdrafts
  • Low-level improvements to overcome a Windows 10 bug
  • Several other minor improvements

AutoBank Module (2.61):

  • Added a report to show which TranHist records have incorrect Bank Account Numbers

Transfer Facility (v2.18):

  • Remote Re-Sync: Don't allow future dates, and tell user if nothing selected.
  • Other minor improvements

Sales Admin Module (v2.24):

  • Editing Quotes, Orders, and Invoices:
    • If you change the Delivery Address, software offers to Geo-Code it and check the Post Code
    • Add support for custom logic (for sites where it is defined for Delivery Address)
  • Add patches in a number of places to avoid a bug in Windows 10
  • Edit Products: Scroll-Bars now work on the Notes if the field is 'read only'
  • Several improvements to logic that creates a Quote, Order, or Invoice from a template
  • Several other minor improvements

Inventory (v1.53):

  • Adjustment Report: Create additional fields behind it that are useful if Export it to Excel
  • Improve efficiency of 'Rebuild all Indexes' (don't rebuild SalesAdm and Customer ones again)
  • Other Minor Changes

Post Codes (v1.51):

  • Support for 'Inactivity Timeout' firing while selection list has been left open.

No Changes:

Address Book, WorkFlow, Doc Admin, Job Scheduling, Creditors, & Dashboard



Contents of February 2016 Release (on 15 Feb 16)

Main Menu and Utilities Library (v9.55 & v8.76):

  • Fix quirk in the engine that generates tabular reports by year
  • Display of address lines in invoices etc: improvements to postcode for Oz, USA, and UK
  • Improvements to the efficiency when opening some windows
  • Facility to specify 'Mandatory Fields' (and enforce them)
  • Minor tweaks to automated software updates
  • Other minor changes

Time & Cost:

  • Add 'Spell Check' facility to Timesheets
  • Significantly improve the speed of moving / copying a timesheet

Debtors Module (v8.65):

  • New security setting to control user permissions to post new invoices
  • New statement layouts for 'Open Item' debtors: 'Include payments in the current month', 'Balance Forward', etc.
  • Statements: Exclude any lines that are zero (after 'fixing errors in transaction entry')
  • Improvements to the engine behind several reports and other operations
  • Several other minor improvements

WorkFlow Module (v3.10):

  • Add spell-checking of the note text

Job Scheduling Module (2.57):

  • Several minor improvements

Windows General Ledger:

  • Significant improvements to the efficiency of Bank Reconciliation
  • View Transactions on-screen: Added a 'Running Balance' column
  • Other minor improvements

AutoBank Module:

  • New Integrity Check of Import Templates, GL Account Codes, Bank Numbers, etc.
  • Several other minor improvements

Sales Admin Module (v2.23):

  • Spell Check: Add to Quote, Order, and Invoice entry, plus Product editing
  • Support for Manadatory Fields
  • Check Integrity of Customer Orders: Add Dispatch Date to report (as some orders may have very long lead times)
  • Several other minor improvements

No Changes:

Address Book, Jobs Module, Doc Admin, Creditors, AutoBank, Dashboard, Inventory, Transfer Facility, & Post Codes



Please contact our Help-Desk (phone +64 9 262 2020 Ext 2) if you have any questions about new enhancements or new modules.