2017 Beta Version History

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This page provides information for our test sites.  It lists enhancements in the "Test" version that have not yet been brought into the main version of our software.  All enhancements up to 19 August 2016 have been incorporated into the normal production version.

Click here to see the Version History for the "production release" of our software.

Accumulated Changes in our Latest 2017 Test Release (20 Aug 16 - 2 Aug 17)

The major priority over the last 12 months has been to implement a work-around for the Windows 10 issue that emerged last year. The changes for this are all deep in the 'engine-room' of respective modules, and not readily apparent when you view the screens. However, you may notice when scrolling through lists, that it occasionally pauses briefly as it retrieves the next set of records. (For more info on this see: Windows 10 Issues)

Main Menu and Utilities Library:

  • Implement the Windows 10 work-around in many places that are frequently used by multiple users:
    • Time Cost:  Timesheet Entry, Invoice Creation, and Invoice Editing
    • Sales Admin:  Editing Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and Products, plus Product selection
    • Address Book:  Drill-down to secondary data
    • Jobs:  Drill-down to secondary data
    • Debtors:  Posting Invoices, and sending transactions to the GL
  • Email configuration:  This better supports other email clients such as Thunderbird, and has options to use Outlook with or without the "nag bypass"
  • Improved support for multiple monitors
  • New facility to run "Overnight Integrity Checks"
  • New "VOIP Soft-phone Dialer" facility (see "View > Personal Preferences" menu) for phone numbers in the Address Book
  • Several reports are now also saved as a *.txt file to a special folder called "\Adminsoft\_Reports"
  • Numerous minor improvements

Address Book:

  • New Auto-Dialer facility if you have a "soft-phone"
  • Windows 10 work-around in all drill-downs to secondary data

Jobs Module:

  • New "Uninvoiced Jobs Report"
  • Enhancements to Job configuration settings, for implementing changes to the Job-Code template
  • Windows 10 work-around in all drill-downs to secondary data

Time & Cost:

  • New integrity checks of GST in Timesheets and Invoices
  • Implement Windows 10 work-around for Timesheet Entry, Invoice Creation, and Invoice Editing

Debtors Module:

  • New Opening Balances Report
  • Rebuild Balances now has option to rebuild just the 'active Clients / Debtors'
  • Overnight Integrity Checks:  Rebuild Balances
  • Add some more 'smarts' to Allocation logic
  • Implement Windows 10 work-around for Posting Invoices, and sending transactions to the GL

WorkFlow Module:

  • No Changes

Doc Admin Module:

  • No Changes

Job Scheduling Module:

  • No Changes

Windows General Ledger:

  • Improvements to "Locked Periods"
  • Bank Reconciliation: Improvements to "Find" and "Delete" facilities
  • New Report: Recent Data-Entry dated in locked or earlier periods"

Creditors Module:

  • A few minor changes.

AutoBank Module:

  • One minor change when importing bank files

Transfer Facility:

  • Improvements to the 'Notebook' direct sync and compare with a restored backup from another office

Sales Admin Module:

  • Windows 10 work-around:  Editing Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and Products, plus Product selection
  • Improvements to "Customer Order Intergrity Check"
  • Added "Check for 'Lost Products' in Quotes, Orders, Invoices, & Adjustments"
  • Some tweaks and improvements to Product selection, and specifying Product Type
  • New "Check/Fix Tallies" and "Check Spelling" buttons in Product data-entry window
  • Added "Financial Year" and "Calendar Year" into report group options for "Analysis" reports
  • Many minor changes in the engine-room


  • If merging Products, also merge any Adjustments
  • Improvements to "Stock Movement Audit Report" (so that a couple of quirky permutations in the data are handled correctly)
  • Adjustment Exception Report:  New Adjustment integrity report that identifies and lists possible exceptions
  • Can now print "Stock-Take Sheets" for a limited range of Locations
  • Overnight Integrity Checks:  Rebuild Stock on Hand and Customer Orders
  • Windows 10 work-around in several places


Click here to see earlier changes that have now been implemented in the "Production Release" of our software.

Please contact our Help-Desk (Support@Adminsoft.com or phone +64 9 262 2020 Ext 2) if you have questions or would like more information about new features in various releases.