Adminsoft Recent Version History

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This page allows you to look back over the changes we have done in recent months, to see if there are any new features which you could (or should) be using, to help your operation run better.

For a quick understanding of automated downloading and installing of the latest version, see: Software Updates

Recent updates:

Here is a list of recent releases to our software. (We did not release any updates to the normal stream for three years from August 2016, because we were doing major re-engineering of our software, to overcome a serious low-level issue caused by Windows 10. We were finally able to roll this out to our normal users in August 2019.)

Normal Stream Beta Stream

Click here for:  Version history of earlier years

Updating to the latest version of the software:

The initial install of our software needs to be done by one of our support staff in a remote support session.  For both your sake ours we want to ensure that completely new installs are done correctly.

After that our software will automatically check for updates once per day (when the first person with "Administrator" or "Software Updates" security privileges signs into the software, and will offer to install these if any are found.  (After that, it won't check again for the rest of the day.)   In reality we try to release a new version only once per month (usually somewhere in the quieter period between 15th and 25th).  It is possible to set up Windows Scheduler to automatically check for and install updates overnight (at 5am say).

At any stage, a user with "Software Updates" or full "Administrator" security privileges is able to "Check for Software Updates" from the "Help" menu (and "Tools > Administrator > Software Updates" menu for administrators).   The "hot updates" facility in our software allows this to be done while other users are still using the software.  (All users will understandably need to exit out and come back in, in order to run the new version after it has been installed.)

Very occasionally a software update may require minor changes to the structure of one or more data tables.  If this is the case, the new version will pause at any point where it needs exclusive access to the data tables, and requests that you to ask all other users to exit out of the software until the updates have been completed.

For background understanding of automated downloading and installing of the latest version, see: Information on software updates

Contents of November 2020 Release (on 24 Nov 2020)

Main Menu and Utilities Library (v9.85 & v8.97):

  • Displaying tablulated data: improvements to navigation, fetching the next subset, and sorting when click on column headings
  • Reports: automatic column width adjustments now handle large negative numbers better
  • Improvements to the facility that "checks links to the Address Book".
  • Formatting Job Codes: If a Sub-Job Separator is not specified in the Jobs configuration, then support an ad hoc separator having been typed into a job code
  • Minor improvements to the Web Updates mechanism (will check and download the new version of our remote support tool).
  • Improve the mechanisms for exchanging data with other SQL back-ends (PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite)
  • A number of minor improvements

Address Book (v8.16):

  • Rebuild new version to incorporate a couple of changes in the Utilities Library
  • Minor tweak to refreshing of slaved drill-down windows

Jobs Module (v5.22):

  • Data Entry:  Set more stringent formatting constraints on the Job Code, to reduce 'finger trouble'
  • Rebuild new version to incorporate a couple of changes in the Utilities Library
  • Minor tweak to refreshing of slaved drill-down windows

Time & Cost (v9.33):

  • Timesheet Entry:  A number of tweaks to improve the flow, in various permutations of configuration settings and 'tick-box' options
  • Write-off selected Timesheets for a single Job:  A few minor tweaks to this new facility (that was introduced in June)
  • Control Reports: Added better support for 'Write-Off timesheet journals' - move any of these into the Write-Off column in the various reports
  • Improvements to the integrity check of timesheet internal costs
  • Editing / viewing Invoices:
    • New integrity checks of totals and GST inclusive disbursement lines, and offer to fix any errors in a Draft invoice (or issue a warning, if finalized)
    • Greater leniency for rounding errors, when multiple GST Inclusive Timesheet lines are collated into a single GST Inclusive Disbursement invoice line
  • Added support for a special client name and work code of '-', which can be used in timesheet spacer lines for private activities (e.g. lunch)
  • A number of minor improvements

Debtors Module (v8.71):

  • Recalculating balances for 'Balance-Forward' Debtors:  Fix a bug when month 1 was a credit amount.

WorkFlow Module (v3.14):

  • Slaved / drill-down windows (from Address Book and Jobs):  Fix bug, so any editing done to notes in these windows is now saved back to the main table.

Windows General Ledger (v2.18):

  • Check Year End:  Added appropriate handling if you have locked periods up to the end of last financial year.

AutoBank Module (2.66):

  • Several minor improvements - so don't hold live tables open any longer than necessary.

Sales Admin Module (v2.41):

  • Creating a new document (Quote, Order, or Invoice): Make it more robust for several permutations - and fix bug when creating a reversing Credit Note
  • Emailing a Picking List: Check for any ASCII zero characters in the HTML body, and remove them if found.
  • Editing documents (Quotes, Orders, or Invoices):
    • You can now delete Template Quotes (Quote Reference Numbers l - 999)
    • Improve the navigation in several less common scenarios
    • Allow for a one cent rounding error in GST when checking total transferred to Debtors
    • Several other improvements
  • Re-write the facility that checks links to the Address Book - now much more efficient.
  • Edit Products:
    • Improve navigation in the List view - can now also click on column headings to chance the sort order
    • Significant performance improvements in List view, at sites with lots of products
  • Select Products:  Significant improvements, to make it work better:
    • Change sort order by clicking on column headings
    • Added Product Type as a column (and ability to sort / search on this)
    • Search is now based on the current sort order, when you type anything
    • The "All, In stock, Out of stock, Advanced" radio-button now works correctly in all permutations
    • Displays all products at sites with less than 1,000 products.  Uses fetched sub-sets at sites with more than 1,000 products
    • Better navigation at sites that fetch sub-sets
  • Several minor changes

Inventory (v1.53):

  • Re-write the facility that checks links to the Address Book for Purchase Orders - now much more efficient.
  • Fix issue with 'Price Quantities' in price and cost calculations
  • Other minor changes

No Changes:

Creditors (5.65), Doc Admin (1.58), Job Scheduling (1.61), Dashboard (1.51), & Post Codes (1.52)



Contents of June 2020 Release (on 24 June 2020)

Main Menu and Utilities Library (v9.82 & v8.95):

  • New Adminsoft Speed Test facility (in the "Tools" menu). Useful for comparing workstation speeds and monitoring server performance.
  • A number of minor changes in several corners of the engine-room

Address Book (v8.15):

  • Search list for Contacts now also displays any "Position" information

Jobs Module (v5.21):

  • Improvements to formatting of Job Codes - better handle several non-standard occurrences (such as a sub-code longer than the template)
  • Several improvements to copying details from the master job, when creating sub-jobs
  • When rebuilding indexes for the Jobs table, we now don't pack / purge the table of deleted records, so it is easier to recover a job record that was accidentally deleted.  (You should still be prevented from deleting a Job record that already has timesheets, invoices, or WorkFlow notes linking back to it.)
  • A few other minor changes.

Time & Cost (v9.31):

  • New "Write-off a single Job or Client" facility, which allows you to specify a fixed dollar amount and the individual timesheet lines you want to write off.  It can also raise a WIP credit timesheet journal for the balance, if the selected timesheets don't exactly equal the specified fixed dollar amount.
  • Complete re-write of the engine-room for the normal multi-job write-off facility.  This is now considerably more efficient when lots of records are involved (e.g. writing off your own overheads for a year).
  • Several minor improvements to printing invoices (and now handles a couple of rare special cases better)
  • Several other minor improvements

Debtors Module (v8.70):

  • A couple of minor improvements

Windows General Ledger (v2.17):

  • New "Bank Transactions with Big Reconciliation Date Differences" report
  • New "Bank Reconciliations that Span Month Ends" report

AutoBank Module (2.65):

  • Improvements to sorting & selection of bank accounts, if you have 10 or more (including old ones that may have since been closed).

Transfer Facility (v2.36):

  • Several minor improvements

Sales Admin Module (v2.40):

  • Several minor improvements

No Changes:

Creditors (5.65), WorkFlow (3.13), Doc Admin (1.58), Job Scheduling (1.61), Dashboard (1.51), Inventory (1.62), & Post Codes (1.52)



Final additions to the Main 2020 Release (on 27 Jan 20)

Main Menu and Utilities Library (v9.80 & v8.93):

  • Help Menu: Added "Remote support using 'Chrome Remote Desktop'"
  • Wizards: If you click on the "Finish / Print" button when not on the last page, it now steps through each active page to implement its default settings. (Previously it sometimes missed these.)
  • A number of new tools in the engine-room for HTTP links to APIs for various server back-ends.
  • Several minor changes

General Ledger (v2.08):

  • Support for "From" and "To" ranges for Account Components in various report wizards

No Changes:

Address Book, Jobs, Time & Cost, Debtors, Creditors, AutoBank, WorkFlow, Doc Admin, Job Scheduling, Dashboard, Sales Admin, Inventory, & Post Codes



Contents of minor update on 3rd December 2019)

Time & Cost (v9.29 - 28 Nov 19):

  • Printing Invoices with Section Subtotals:  Minor tweak to vertical alignment of the horizontal line above each subtotal.

Debtors Module (v8.69 - 3 Dec 19):

  • Fix bug selecting Debtors, when printing / emailing a batch of debtor statements.

No Changes:

Main Menu, Utilities Library, Address Book, Jobs, General Ledger, Creditors, AutoBank, WorkFlow, Doc Admin, Job Scheduling, Dashboard, Sales Admin, Inventory, & Post Codes



Contents of November 2019 Release

Main Menu and Utilities Library:

  • Added new Font Scaling and Line Wrapping Adjustment settings, as a workaround for a quirk with Windows 10 and the 3rd party PDF product we use. This provides an ability to handle nuances of individual computers - when generating PDF files (of invoices and statements) for sending by email.
  • In report wizard item selection pages, you can now sort jobs (or other items) by clicking on column headings
  • Improve how American Dates are formatted in reports
  • Export reports to file (from Preview screen) now supports CSV, XML, and TXT (tab seperated values) file formats.
  • Various other improvements

Address Book:

  • Get the User Defined Fields Report to work better
  • Several minor improvements

Jobs Module:

  • Several minor improvements

Time & Cost:

  • Invoice Editing:
    • When you click back onto the form, it now refreshes the local copy of the Client and Job records, in case you have edited them (e.g. in a slaved window)
    • Added automatic saves in a couple of places for greater robustness - e.g. if you click into the 'Invoice No' field.
  • Printing invoices:
    • Implement new font scaling and line wrapping config settings when generating Invoice PDF files
    • Improve section subtotal formatting (both hours and $ values)
    • Minor tweaks to the invoice layout: Hours / units are now centralised in their column, & Descriptions can go a fraction wider.
    • GST Inclusive Disbursements: Added a column heading for the GST Inclusive Amount column
    • Several improvements to various parts of the program logic
  • Timesheet Entry: Extra logic and safety checks to ensure that the internal cost is always filled in correctly
  • Timesheet Details Report:
    • Added several new group / sort options, and improved the logic for some of the existing options
    • Job selection step in wizard: Additional columns ('Earliest' and 'Latest'), and now able to sort by clicking on column headings
    • Improve the speed of various aspects while generating the report
    • Fix bug, where identical timesheets on the same day were not fully included in the totals
  • Overtime Report: Added support for hyphen and tilda (~) being used in space-holder lines (e.g. a lunch break)
  • Control Report: If Excel is not installed on the computer, don't try to display graphs of the Monthly report (which will cause it to crash)
  • Several other minor improvements

Debtors Module:

  • Statements: The Client ID is now centralised within its box
  • Several other minor improvements

Job Scheduling Module:

  • Rebuilt, so incorporates several changes to class libraries

Windows General Ledger:

  • Improvements to reports based on Alternative Account Code Schemes
  • Cash Flow Report:
    • Fix bugs in Quarterly & Annual Time-Breaks
    • Flip the sign of Bank Transfers section, so that its lines are more intuitive. (We can do this, because the Bank Transfers section totals to zero)
    • Almost completely rewrite logic for adding Opening and Closing Balance records by Bank Account, so that it also works for Daily, Weekly, Quarterly & Annual reports
  • Transaction Audit Report: Get Alternative Account Code Schemes to work
  • New config settings (on Page 4 "Bank Dates"), for the number of days later that deposits can be banked, and incorporate into Bank Reconciliation checks
  • Bank / Cash Transaction Entry: New "Bank Batch Type" option for specifying "Deposit Batches"
  • Added "Transaction Templates" (including Split Transactions)
    • Transaction Entry form: New buttons for saving and using templates
    • Incorporate into editing and saving Split Transactions
  • Split Transaction Entry:
    • Support "Deposit Batches" - use positive $ values, as more intuitive to enter them this way (plus program logic to flip these when saving)
    • Fill in the Reference and Remarks if they are empty (e.g. not specified in their template)
    • For charities and small businesses that are not GST registered, hide the GST column
    • Significant improvements to the supporting program logic

Creditors Module:

  • Several minor improvements

AutoBank Module:

  • Posting transactions to the General Ledger:
    • Improve logic, so can now match a batch of deposits banked several days later, and also match split transfers from another account (e.g. multiple credit cards paid automatically but appearing as a single transaction line in the main bank account)
    • If the "Other Party" (or Details1) has a numeric value > 100, then it is probably a bank reference. Don't try to match it as an "other party"
    • Utilise new GL config variables for matching GL tx by Amount & Date
    • Improve the default Reference and Remarks for several special cases
    • Hide the GST column, if GST is not in use (e.g. charities and very small businesses)
    • Better support if using GL Account Components
  • Utilise the new GL config variables for matching GL tx by Amount and Date in several integrity checks
  • GL Integrity Check: Fill in any missing links back from the GL, where they can be obtained from their source Debtor transaction
  • Assigning deposits to Debtors: Improve the logic to handle several more special cases
  • Improve the default definition for BNZ bank accounts (support additional columns in import files)
  • Better support for use by charities - who don't run the Debtors module
  • Several other improvements

Transfer Facility:

  • Several improvements to the Extract logic, and avoid false positives with a couple of error messages
  • Improved some of the info reported in various log files

Sales Admin Module:

  • Better support for Date User Defined Fields in report wizards:
    • Add them into the main "Date Type" selection in step 5 of the wizard
    • Add them into the group / sort list in the "Sort Order" wizard step
  • Analysis Reports: Display the full Product Name, rather than just the first 25 characters
  • Line Detail Reports: Automatic adjustment of column widths, and improve column headings
  • Several other improvements

No Changes:

WorkFlow, Doc Admin, Job Scheduling, Dashboard, and Inventory



Contents of Main 2019 Release (on 29 Aug 19)


  • Implement the Windows 10 work-around in many places that are frequently used by multiple users:
    • Time Cost:  Timesheet Entry, Invoice Creation, and Invoice Editing
    • Sales Admin:  Editing Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and Products, plus Product selection
    • Address Book:  Drill-down to secondary data
    • Jobs:  Drill-down to secondary data
    • Debtors:  Posting Invoices, and sending transactions to the GL

Main Menu and Utilities Library:

  • Fix a bug in the Graphing facility.
  • Enhanced email facility - Can now include client contacts as CC and BCC addressees when send via MAPI email clients (e.g. Thunderbird)
  • New Street Map facility - after Google changed their interface
  • Continued improvements for new Windows 10 technology
  • Improved ability to recover records that have been corrupted by the Windows 10 issue.
  • Support for wider date columns in reports run in the USA.
  • Record the Version used in Sign-on history and add as column in the report.
  • Reports: Centralize narrow columns of codes and other short text, and several other improvements
  • Improvements to facility that generates email
  • Improvements to the common tabular viewing and selection facility (e.g. selecting Clients, Jobs, etc.)
  • Email configuration:  Better support for other email clients such as Thunderbird, and has options to use Outlook with or without the "nag bypass"
  • Improved support for multiple monitors
  • New facility to run "Overnight Integrity Checks"
  • New "VOIP Soft-phone Dialer" facility (see "View > Personal Preferences" menu) for phone numbers in the Address Book
  • Several reports are now also saved as a *.txt file to a special folder called "\Adminsoft\_Reports"
  • Numerous minor improvements

Address Book:

  • Place details on clipboard:  Also show what the address details will look like in invoices
  • Drill-down to Jobs:  Include Jobs where this client is the "Invoice Client"
  • Drill-down to timesheets:  Improve default of WIP or All when move onto a new client
  • Improvements to facility that checks all Client Codes - now handles single quotes in names better
  • Drill-Down page tabs and slaved windows: Implement Windows 10 work-around, and enable / enhance sorting if click on column headings
  • New Auto-Dialer facility if you have a "soft-phone"
  • Several minor changes

Jobs Module:

  • Save details immediately (if changed) when move the mouse out of a multi-line text field
  • Improve how the separator and sub-job codes are handled in config settings, and several special cases
  • Job list as drill-down from other data can now be sorted by clicking on column headings
  • New "Uninvoiced Jobs Report"
  • Enhancements to Job configuration settings, for implementing changes to the Job-Code template
  • Drill-Down page tabs and slaved windows: Implement Windows 10 work-around, and enable / enhance sorting if click on column headings
  • Several minor changes

Time & Cost:

  • Timesheet entry:
    • Major re-write to avoid Windows 10 issues in multi-user environments
    • Opening the Timesheet entry form: it now checks for any missing / incomplete Timesheets in the current month, and displays any it finds
    • Timesheet Entry now has a new tick-box to control whether information is copied from the previous line, when you add a new line
    • Better handling of GST Inclusive disbursements
    • Improvements to the Disbursement Details pop-up window
    • Support for Departments:  managers can only view / edit timesheets for their own staff
  • Invoice Editing:
    • Significant enhancements to Invoice Editing to support multiple Window 10 users editing separate invoices simultaneously
    • When send a whole line back to WIP, immediately make it a 'No Print' line.
    • Improvements to assigning Write-offs / WIP to staff while editing invoice lines
    • Better support for blank comment lines
    • New command buttons to move lines up or down within the invoice
    • If Microsoft Word is not installed, disable the Spell-Check facility
  • Improvements to printing invoices:
    • New configuration options: Logo on left or right, suppress Remittance Advice at the bottom (and use the extra space for invoice lines)
    • Several special cases like GST Incl Disbursements only (with no charged time)
  • Creating Invoices with multiple Jobs (or subjobs):  Add the Job Code to respective Job heading lines
  • Some additional integrity checks after creating a new invoice
  • Sort order list for reports:  Promote 'Month' above 'Date' in the drop-down list
  • Summary Invoice reports:  Improve sorting and grouping by month and date
  • Timesheet Detail Reports:
    • Fix bug at sites that do not have ahte GST field in their WorkCode table.
    • Re-write its engine, so Windows 10 compatible
    • Suppress Client sub-total section if it is identical to the Job one immediately above (i.e. only a single Job for them)
  • Overtime Report:
    • Ignore spacer lines in timesheets (with '-' as the Client or WorkCode) for lunch breaks or private matters
    • For sites that use 'Units' rather than 'Hours', remove any extra decimal places
  • Support for 'Overnight Integrity Checks' at larger sites
  • Rebuild Indexes checks for timesheet lines trashed by the Windows 10 issue, and fixes or deletes them
  • Several improvements to "Check Invoice Headers and Lines" (integrity check)
  • Improvements to 'Check Links to the Address Book' - now runs much faster, and can specify a starting cut-off date
  • New 'Check WIP Timesheets for Coding Exceptions' facility
  • New 'Disbursement Coding Exceptions' report
  • Improvements to 'Check GST in Timesheets'
  • Improvements to 'Check for WIP on old completed Jobs'
  • Further improvements to Windows 10 work-around for Timesheet Entry, Invoice Creation, Invoice Editing, and various reports
  • Improvements to Draft Invoices Report - including integrity check for various anomalies first
  • New integrity checks of GST in Timesheets and Invoices
  • Implement Windows 10 work-around for Timesheet Entry, Invoice Creation, and Invoice Editing
  • Numerous minor improvements

Debtors Module:

  • Fix bug in 'Rebuild Balances' if periods span two calendar years
  • Complete re-write of facility to Rebuild Aged Balances: Uses Windows 10 compatible technology, is much faster, reports on exceptions before offering to fix them.
  • Significant improvements to logic of Allocation Integrity Checks (Windows 10 compatible technology and much faster)
  • Improvements to the Credit Limit Report
  • Significant improvements to the Draft / Unposted Invoice Report
  • New Opening Balances Report
  • Rebuild Balances now has option to rebuild just the 'active Clients / Debtors'
  • Overnight Integrity Checks:  Rebuild Balances
  • Add some more 'smarts' to Allocation logic
  • Implement Windows 10 work-around for Posting Invoices, and sending transactions to the GL
  • Implement Windows 10 work-around into various other programs
  • Several minor changes

WorkFlow Module:

  • Significant improvements to Reschedule facility
  • Minor changes

Doc Admin Module:

  • Minor changes

Job Scheduling Module:

  • Minor changes

Windows General Ledger:

  • New Ability to add Revenue, Expenses, and Tax sections to Trial Balance and other reports
  • Bank Reconciliation: Various improvements
  • Improvements to Transaction Entry
  • Improvements to "Locked Periods"
  • Bank Reconciliation: Improvements to "Find" and "Delete" facilities
  • New Report: Recent Data-Entry dated in locked or earlier periods"
  • Minor changes

Creditors Module:

  • Fix bug that sometimes caused an error during Journal entry
  • Significant enhancements for Windows 10 compatibility in various places
  • Significant improvements to TranLine integrity check
  • A few other minor improvements

AutoBank Module:

  • GL Integrity Checks:  Now has a 'start date' to avoid unnecessary checking of old / locked periods
  • Significant enhancements to matching and posting receipts to the Debtors Module
  • Significant enhancements to matching and posting transactions to the General Ledger Module
  • Improved support for ASB
  • Support for American Express
  • Minor change when importing bank files
  • Other minor changes

Transfer Facility:

  • Suppress unnecessary emailed warnings (for trivial exceptions that the software can handle anyway)
  • Use the WinUtils library from the Beta or Beta2 version if this is more recent than the "Normal" one
  • Significant improvements to the 'Notebook' direct sync and compare with a restored backup from another office
  • A few other minor improvements

Sales Admin Module:

  • Windows 10 work-around:  Editing Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and Products, plus Product selection
  • Editing Quotes, Orders, & Invoices:  Significant improvements to both Windows 10 and Windows 7 logic
  • Detail Line Reports:  Better handling of multi-line text User Defined Fields
  • Improvements to integrity check for 'Orphaned Lines'
  • Converting one document into another:  significant improvements
  • Windows 10 work-around:  Further tweaks to Editing Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and Products, plus Product selection
  • A number of improvements to printing Invoices, Orders, and Quotes
  • Creating an Invoice from an Order: Display detailed information if one or more products have insufficient stock on hand
  • Enhancements to various reports:  New "Product Summary" reports, New "Stock on Hand" and "Customer Order" sort/group options, smarter adjustment of column widths, etc.
  • Some tweaks and improvements to Product editing and selection, and to adding new products
  • Improvements to several integrity checks:  "Duplicated Products" and "Lost Products"
  • New integrity check for 'Orphaned Lines in Invoices, Orders, & Quotes
  • Improvements to "Customer Order Intergrity Check"
  • Added "Check for 'Lost Products' in Quotes, Orders, Invoices, & Adjustments"
  • Some tweaks and improvements to Product selection, and specifying Product Type
  • New "Check/Fix Tallies" and "Check Spelling" buttons in Product data-entry window
  • Added "Financial Year" and "Calendar Year" into report group options for "Analysis" reports
  • Many other minor changes


  • Fix a bug in calculation of Quantity-based Prices
  • Stock List Reports: Fix bug with Inwards Goods received after the cut-off date
  • Print Stock Take Sheet: Add optional ability to suppress the 'Stock on Hand' column, and automatically adjust column widths
  • Improvements to Purchase Orders
  • Stock Movement Report: Fix bug where identical entries on the same day were being dropped
  • If merging Products, also merge any Adjustments
  • Improvements to "Stock Movement Audit Report" (so that a couple of quirky permutations in the data are handled correctly)
  • Adjustment Exception Report:  New Adjustment integrity report that identifies and lists possible exceptions
  • Can now print "Stock-Take Sheets" for a limited range of Locations
  • Overnight Integrity Checks:  Rebuild Stock on Hand and Customer Orders
  • Windows 10 work-around in several places
  • A few other minor improvements


  • No Changes



Contents of August 2019 Preliminary Release (on 12 Aug 19)

This was just the new Adminsoft.exe program (and Web Updates program in case it is required), which we rolled out a week or so before the main release of the new 2019 version to all users.  The new Adminsoft.exe will make a backup copy of the old 2016 program files for extra safety, before these are upgraded to the new 2019 version.

Those who have been running the Beta (2019) version as part of the test programme, will have already installed the new Adminsoft.exe (and backed up the old 2016 program files).



Contents of August 2016 Release (on 19 Aug 16)

Utilities Library (v8.78 - 8 Aug 16):

  • Several improvements to avoid error messages when closing due to 'inactivity timeout'
  • A number of small tweaks and improvements

Jobs Module (v5.12 - 26 July 16):

  • Rebuild to incorporate several small changes in the Utilities Library

Time & Cost (v9.16 - 19 Aug 16):

  • Improvements to pop-up Disbursement data-entry window
  • Printing Invoices: Fix recent bug when disbursement lines were covered by a standard invoice paragraph
  • Several small tweaks and improvements

Debtors Module (v8.62 - 10 Aug 16):

  • Improve calculation of Opening Balance line in Balance Forward statements for Open-Item Debtors (some permutations were not correct)
  • Improve Month Aging statuses displayed for Balance Forward transactions
  • Convert Balance Forward debtor into Open Item: Major re-write to utilise newer 'Open Item' program logic
  • Automatic allocation of all transactions for a Debtor: Improvements to logic (and don't allocate any that identified as having an integrity issue)A
  • After allocating transactions, refresh the Debtor Balances and slaved Transaction list windows immediately instead of waiting until you click into them
  • Several other small improvements

Job Scheduling Module (v1.58 - 29 Jun 16):

  • Significant improvements to detailed Lines data entry
  • Other minor tweaks

Windows General Ledger (v2.08 - 7 July 16):

  • New Bank Reconciliation Transaction List report
  • Several other small improvements

Creditors Module (v5.60 - 11 Aug 16):

  • Improvement to integrity check of 'Links to the Address Book'

Transfer Facility (v2.16 - 19 July 16):

  • Fix false error message that 'No Relevant Export History to Check from the Other Office. Something is wrong with the History file sent from them'
  • Several other improvements

Sales Admin Module (v2.20 - 11 Aug 16):

  • Creating a new Quote/Order/Invoice from another existing document: Improvements to the internal logic
  • Editing a Quote/Order/Invoice: various tweaks to program logic behind it
  • Flush buffers to server / local hard disk immediately when add new records to live tables or edit existing ones
  • Report of Draft Invoices: Sort by date, and show monthly and grand totals
  • Editing Products: Add extra columns to slaved Quote, Order, and Invoice usage lists
  • Avoid issues in several places if computer left unattended with windows still open, and inactivity time-out fires
  • Various other minor improvements

Inventory (v1.53  11 Jun 16):

  • Minor Changes

No Changes:

Main Menu, WorkFlow, Doc Admin, AutoBank, Dashboard, & Post Codes



Contents of June 2016 Release (on 21 Jun 16)

Main Menu and Utilities Library (v9.56 & v8.77):

  • Close reports, invoices, etc. that held things open when software attempted to close due to inactivity
  • Improvements to the hooks throughout the software that facilitate customised program logic
  • Several improvements to the Geo-Coding facility
  • When searching for a client name that matches what is typed, it now also looks in the 'Trade Name'
  • Support for report previews being saved as a text file
  • Automated software updates:
    • Offer to update 7-Zip if it is very old, so it doesn't cause problems
    • Attempt to download a module again if local computer has previously cached an out-of-date version.
  • A number of other minor changes

Jobs Module (v5.15):

  • Integration with QuickMap: Support for QuickMap being installed on local Drive C for some users, and a network drive for others.

Time & Cost (v9.20):

  • Fix bug if editing two invoices simultaneously and transfering charges between them as Write-Ups/Offs
  • Some improvements to parts of the engine behind editing invoices
  • Timesheet entry: Security enhancements to the popup window for entering disbursements
  • Re-organise the 'Timesheets Other' menu
  • New integrity check for timesheets with zero or silly 'actual costs', and offer to fix these
  • Several other minor improvements

Debtors Module (v8.66):

  • Rebuild Balances facility:
    • Rebuild 'Opening Balance' at start of month for Open Item debtors also, in case 'Balance Forward' statement produced for them
    • If fixed one or more 'Opening Balances', display this as an extra column in the report of exceptions
  • Daily Banking Summary Report: If it spans more than one financial year, group and subtotal by Financial Year
  • Outstanding Transaction Report: Significant enhancement allowing it to be run as at a specified date, or to identify invoices from earlier financial years or periods that are still outstanding at a later date.
  • Improve the support for special customised logic that identifies the GL Account Code for various invoices
  • Several other minor improvements

Windows General Ledger (v2.09):

  • Several further improvements to Bank Reconciliation
  • GST Audit Report: Include GST Exempt Revenue transactions, so easier to reconcile with the 'Invoice Basis GST Report'
  • Bank Reconciliation Reports: accomodate larger overdrafts
  • Low-level improvements to overcome a Windows 10 bug
  • Several other minor improvements

AutoBank Module (2.61):

  • Added a report to show which TranHist records have incorrect Bank Account Numbers

Transfer Facility (v2.18):

  • Remote Re-Sync: Don't allow future dates, and tell user if nothing selected.
  • Other minor improvements

Sales Admin Module (v2.24):

  • Editing Quotes, Orders, and Invoices:
    • If you change the Delivery Address, software offers to Geo-Code it and check the Post Code
    • Add support for custom logic (for sites where it is defined for Delivery Address)
  • Add patches in a number of places to avoid a bug in Windows 10
  • Edit Products: Scroll-Bars now work on the Notes if the field is 'read only'
  • Several improvements to logic that creates a Quote, Order, or Invoice from a template
  • Several other minor improvements

Inventory (v1.53):

  • Adjustment Report: Create additional fields behind it that are useful if Export it to Excel
  • Improve efficiency of 'Rebuild all Indexes' (don't rebuild SalesAdm and Customer ones again)
  • Other Minor Changes

Post Codes (v1.51):

  • Support for 'Inactivity Timeout' firing while selection list has been left open.

No Changes:

Address Book, WorkFlow, Doc Admin, Job Scheduling, Creditors, & Dashboard



Contents of February 2016 Release (on 15 Feb 16)

Main Menu and Utilities Library (v9.55 & v8.76):

  • Fix quirk in the engine that generates tabular reports by year
  • Display of address lines in invoices etc: improvements to postcode for Oz, USA, and UK
  • Improvements to the efficiency when opening some windows
  • Facility to specify 'Mandatory Fields' (and enforce them)
  • Minor tweaks to automated software updates
  • Other minor changes

Time & Cost:

  • Add 'Spell Check' facility to Timesheets
  • Significantly improve the speed of moving / copying a timesheet

Debtors Module (v8.65):

  • New security setting to control user permissions to post new invoices
  • New statement layouts for 'Open Item' debtors: 'Include payments in the current month', 'Balance Forward', etc.
  • Statements: Exclude any lines that are zero (after 'fixing errors in transaction entry')
  • Improvements to the engine behind several reports and other operations
  • Several other minor improvements

WorkFlow Module (v3.10):

  • Add spell-checking of the note text

Job Scheduling Module (2.57):

  • Several minor improvements

Windows General Ledger:

  • Significant improvements to the efficiency of Bank Reconciliation
  • View Transactions on-screen: Added a 'Running Balance' column
  • Other minor improvements

AutoBank Module:

  • New Integrity Check of Import Templates, GL Account Codes, Bank Numbers, etc.
  • Several other minor improvements

Sales Admin Module (v2.23):

  • Spell Check: Add to Quote, Order, and Invoice entry, plus Product editing
  • Support for Manadatory Fields
  • Check Integrity of Customer Orders: Add Dispatch Date to report (as some orders may have very long lead times)
  • Several other minor improvements

No Changes:

Address Book, Jobs Module, Doc Admin, Creditors, AutoBank, Dashboard, Inventory, Transfer Facility, & Post Codes



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