Job Management and Administration

If you have arrived here, directly from a search engine:  Welcome.  We write quality "mid-range" practice management software for firms that provide professional services.

For members of the legal profession who are reading this, you will probably use the term "matter" instead of "job".  The software itself has configurable terminology, and can call jobs whatever you like:  matters, projects, contracts, etc.

In our software, the Job Management module provides a database of important information on respective jobs (projects, matters, etc.), with good search capabilites. It records information on Jobs/Projects such as client, site address, job type, job manager, quoted/estimated total value, and special invoice lead-in text.  It integrates extremely well with other modules such as Client Address Book, Time and Cost, Document Admin, and Work-Flow.  The "drill-down" facilities to respective timesheets, invoices, notes, filing folders, and debtor balances for the job you are viewing, are brilliant for job managers.

The jobs database has "user-defined fields", for valuable extra information on your jobs (including recording standard milestones).  These extra fields can be used as selection/filtering and sort criteria in various reports in other modules such as Time & Cost and WorkFlow.  We have provided a facility to easily add "standard extra fields", which are then used to integrate with other (third-party) software and web services (e.g. Google Maps, geo-coding, LINZ Data Services, and QuickMap).  You can instantly launch Google Maps (in your browser) from any job with its street address filled in.

The Jobs module has a facility to retrieve and display digital plans that are stored in a separate location from your job filing folders  (e.g. ones that have been downloaded from LINZ)

The Job reports in the Time & Cost and Creditors modules are extremely useful for managing jobs and projects. You can summarise, group and sub-sort, and filter jobs by respective client, job type, or job manager in various reports (and much more).

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