Software for Professionals and B2B Sales Teams

Welcome.  If you provide professional services, or conduct B2B sales, and are looking for good software to help you do your everyday stuff better, then you should have a good look around our website.  We write quality "mid-range" software that is applicable for many professions and industries:

  • Practice administration and practice management software for firms that provide professional services

  • Sales administration software for firms that operate in a B2B environment  

Our software and services are priced very reasonably, and we utilise the Internet to provide timely and efficient training and support when you need it.  It has lots of extra "goodies" that are valuable for everyday use by management and staff, and has full accounts modules (Debtors, Creditors, General Ledger, etc.) if you need these.

Practice Management Software

The software's flexibility, even with terminology, makes it extremely suitable for a wide range of professions and consulting services (including consulting and other professional engineers, land surveyors, architects, quantity surveyors, valuers, barristers, solicitors, other lawyers and legal practices, business consultants, marketing consultants, computer consultants,  software developers, and any other profession where you charge for your time).  During installation, you can specify what profession you are in, and the software will configure itself accordingly, so that it caters for the special nuances of your profession.  (You can subsequently fine tune its "out-of-the-box" coding systems and settings as much as you like - it is very flexible.)

For small professional practices that are still feeling their way with such tools, our software works well on a single computer, and provides good strategic growth options.  But our software really comes into its own in a network environment, where managers and relevant staff have ready access to a computer workstation, and can gain the full benefit of access to the firm's practice management software, and the various productivity tools that it contains.

B2B Sales Administration Software

This software suite facilitates contact management (CRM) and provides sales administration (quotes, orders, invoices, product history, sales history, etc.)  It is primarily designed for businesses that sell B2B.  It can support sales reps who take a notebook computer on the road with them, or who operate from a remote office.  Once again, our software's configurability and flexibility with terminology makes it very suitable for a wide range of industries that derive their revenue from sales, and have a sales team (or even just a sole sales rep).   (Click here for more...)


Our software is very friendly, and very efficient to operate.  It has been designed to facilitate both everyday accounts and administrative tasks , and monitoring and decision-making by managers.  During everyday use, client and job histories are automatically accumulated for later reference and searching as necessary.  The software has comprehensive management reporting facilities that allow the everyday data to be re-used for strategic purposes (e.g. profitability by type of client or job, recovery by staff member, etc.).  Its modular construction allows you to purchase the most important functionality initially, and add further capabilities at a later date once your staff are using the basics well.

Architectures for Remote Access to Our Software

Being 'fat client', our software is usually run locally within your office, with the data and programs being accessed from a 'file server' (or a simple NAS drive).  However, our software works very well in firms with multiple offices, and can even be hosted in the cloud.   Click here to read more about using our software remotely.

The 2021 version was rolled out to all our professional users in February.

The 2021 version was also rolled out to all our Sales Admin users in February.

The 2021 version has a number of new goodies.   Read more


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