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We are a small software house, based in Manukau (Auckland, New Zealand).   For more background info, see About Us

Consultancy Services

We have been developing both custom and packaged software applications for more than thirty years.  This has given us considerable experience in many aspects of software development, implementation, and support.

This experience enables us to provide advice and assistance with most aspects of the software life-cycle, from initial concept design right through to roll-out and user training and support.

We also are able to assist management with general IT matters, such as strategic reviews of requirements and direction.

For more information of our consulting services, see:  Consulting

Python Application and Web Development

Our preferred development environment is Python.  This is a very powerful programming language, and has a substantial ecosystem of open source libraries and other tools.  It facilitates custom browser-based applications, and also full data driven websites.

Open source software does not incur ongoing licence fees, and provides a number of advantages from a 'whole of life' perspective.  Python is cross-platform, such that applications can be hosted in both Linux and Microsoft server environments - and ported from one to the other relatively easily (if hosting requirements change).  Python applications / websites can be hosted 'in the cloud', or run in-house on a local intranet server.

Python applications can work with any of the main database back-ends:   PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL - or SQLite for small stand-alone applications running on a single device (or infrequently from a number of devices).

For more information about our software developments services, see:   Development

IoT and ONVIF Applications

We also have some capabilities writing software for IoT ('Internet of Things') and ONVIF (camera) applications, in partnership with firms that specialize more on the hardware / fabrication aspects.

Our Clients

Over the last thirty years we have accumulated considerable experience with a range of professions and industries:

  • Professions:  Consulting engineers, land surveyors, town planners, business consultants, barristers, landscape architects, quantity surveyors, architects, and others.
  • Industries:  Manufacturing, fabrication, plant propagation, printing, inventory and warehousing.

Legacy Software for Professionals and B2B Sales Teams

We still support our old software packages for firms who provide professional services, or conduct B2B sales. This is "mid-range" software that is applicable for many professions and industries.  There are two separate streams for this software:

  • Practice administration and practice management software for firms that provide professional services

  • Sales administration software for firms that operate in a B2B environment

  • Both streams have full accounts modules: Debtors, Creditors, GL, and integration with electronic bank statements.

Because it uses old technology, we no longer sell 'lifetime licences' - or proactively sell our legacy software.  However, in recent years we still have taken on a number of new user sites, who liked and wanted it.  They all lease their software instead.  We utilise the Internet to provide timely and efficient training and support when needed.

Professional Practices

This suite was written especially for professional firms that charge for their time.  Our current users include consulting engineers, cadastral surveyors, barristers, and business consultants.  It allows them to set up and manage clients and projects / jobs, plan / schedule work-flows, record timesheets, and generate invoices (from timesheets) that follow through to Debtors and other financials.  The software has good configuration options, and flexibility to adapt itself to the nuances of many professions and the way that respective user sites prefer to present billing information to their clients.   (Click here for more...)

B2B Sales Administration Software

This software suite facilitates contact management (CRM) and provides sales administration (quotes, orders, invoices, product history, sales history, etc.)  It is primarily designed for businesses that sell B2B.  It can support sales reps who take a notebook computer on the road with them, or who operate from a remote office.  Once again, our software's configurability and flexibility with terminology makes it very suitable for a wide range of industries that derive their revenue from sales, and have a sales team (or even just a sole sales rep).   (Click here for more...)

The 2023 version was rolled out to our professional users in March.

The 2023 version was also rolled out to our Sales Admin users in March.

The 2023 version has a number of new goodies.   Read more


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